Sunday, February 22, 2009

I dont care what the media says, this is my list of fashion oscars

kate-winslet-2009-oscars-02 miley-cyrus-2009-oscars-02
taraji-henson-2009-oscars-03 penelope-cruz-2009-oscars-01
angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-2009-oscars-02Singer Alicia Keys arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards hel
Actress Leslie Mann arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards he56822619
Actress Evan Rachel Wood arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awar Actress Marisa Tomei arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards h
Actress Amy Adams arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards held Actress Melissa George arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards
1.) Kate Winslet, this lady here is just truley amazing actress. I really applaud her for all of her amazing movies. she is indeed a beautiful woman. But when I was watch the red carpet oscar, and she came out in this gorgeous blueish gray satin type of dress with lace on the right side, and if you examine the dress little bit closer, you could see that from top to the bottom the lace of the dress slowly fades and it creats this just gorgous art pieces.

2.) Miley Cyrus, OK to be honest I really am not a fan of Miley Cyrus at all, but I gotta give it to her she did pick an great gorgous dress, an double G dress GREAT GORGOUS DRESS. But I do also give her credit for choosing very great lines of dresses to oscars, last year I remeberd that she choose the red Valentino dress, it was really just what her age should be wearing to the oscars. The thing about this dress is risk taker, its something that media might dislike this dress could go both ways, the worst dress or the best dress. But on my list, it is on my best dress.

3.) Taraji P. Henson, I saw this grogous woman when I turned to channel 7 to watch the oscars, she popped out and I was like whoa, who is this beautiful lady?! and I have realized that she played the mom of Brad Pitt's character in the movie Curious case of Benjamin Button. Shes not only beautiful in person, but she really played an truely beautiful character in the movie. I think her haircut and her very shiny jewerly goes really well together. What I really liked about her whole outfit scene is that even though not many people know her, she is the upcoming actress for sure. But her knowing that she's not that famous yet, she didint wear somethign ridiculouly attention grabber that some clebs would do. But I love that she kept it simple yet elegent. Putting that classic case and grabbing that attention that she just needs by wearing that very glamerous necklace.

4.) Penelope Cruz, This lady can't speak perfect english,but she can indeed speak out a whole lot with her with her great gown. I would love that dress for my wedding day. I love the detailed embroiley of designs, it really grabs that great glamerous attention and I love that you have to look at the dress more closely in order to fully sink in the dress.

5.) Angelina Jolie, If you have asked me who should be with Brad Pitt, I would personally say Jennifer Aniston. But since we are not talking about celebrity gossip, and talking about the oscar fashion, I do give her props for wearing black, it doess look like she looks great with black dresses. She wears black alot, it seems like she dosent really like taking risks anymore?! what happend?! what happened to her wilde side where she gets crazy tattos and wear whatever she wanted?! maybe not that she need to keep her profile high for lovely Brad Pitt. But I do love her gorgous black dress, its so perfect length and perfect size of flare.
6.) Alicia Keys, I know that she not nominated for any Oscars or anything but I just have to say I think her syle is getting more girly and fabulously glamerous.
7.) Leslie Mann, this wonderful funny woman is funny yet so stylish with this classic silver shiny dress. This dress greatly shows off her body curves and yet just enough clevage expose'.
8.) Sarah Jessica Parker, oh my, one of my favorite fashion icon. When I saw her with this dress, I said to myself, "this is Sarah Jessica Parker, also what I think what Carrie Bradsahw would wear" I think shes never too old for that big puffy dresses.
9.) Evan Rachel Wood, to be honest I didint really know who she was, but when I saw this dresson her, I thought, wow her fame just went up a level.
10.) Marisa Tomei, I think she has the gorgous face. I personally love her dress I think the cut and the patten just everything about this dress is just really amazing, others says that she looks really uncomfortable in this dress, but honestly who acutally looks comforable in any dresses?!
11.) Amy Adams, I usually thought if she is redhead, and wears a red dress wouldnt that be little too much red?! but no, beautful Amy Adams knows her red. She knows that red is her thing. The wierd thing is I am not a really fan of mixture of red and black, but wow this sure suprised me, I love this combination of red and black combination dress.
12.) Melissa George,Ok so for this outfit, I really could not decide if this dress would be on the worst dress list or the best dressed but than I thozght to myself, this dress just can't be in the worst dress casue its not really should be or in the worst dressed. But I do have to say this dress shows off her great curves to her figures and just great body image.
After gathering some of the my picks of the worst oscars fashion, I will again talk and about the clebs and the dresses.

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