Saturday, January 17, 2009

working that mensfashion

I have been a huge fan of mens fashion. I loved it when alexander wang came up with the beanie where before, lots of girls thought of it as only guys would wear. Also the huge fan of fall 2008 and spring 2009 read-to-wear collections of mens fashion.
look at how olivia palermo and natasha poly struanting that fablous mens outwear.and accesorise it with stud belts and bows and stockings.or in natasha poly case, shes accesorising it with classic slim scarf and skinny jeans with rockin boots.

oh yah, I need to start uploading my own outfits, but I just could not take pictures in my room since it looks really messy. I need to take one of those nice outside or take my outfit pictures in nicer settings. also someone who could take greatly decent pictures of me in my outfits.

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